Chicken Coop Makeover


Our chicken coop got a make-over this week!  Our next-door neighbors were getting rid of an old window, and they offered it to us since it was the perfect size for the hen house.  My husband cut a hole, attached the window, and then cut a nice frame out of trim we’d removed from a bedroom in the house.

A while back, I’d scored some returned exterior paint at the home center for $0.50/jar – one orange, one yellow.   We were thinking they’d be perfect for adding a sunshine or moon and stars…something to dress up the coop.  However, I have zero sense of composition, and my friend, Jenni, came to the rescue this morning and painted me a sunshine and also painted the little window.    Thank you, Jenni!!!



  1. Looks great! You should call me during business hours and get on the schedule to get the gates done with your gift certificate! I get so busy during the days, especially in the summer, only the squeaky wheels get greased! =)

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